Ritual for Joy and Inspiration


Hello beautiful!

Today I want to show you how you can connect to Father Sky. This little ritual is a beautiful and easy way to connect to a never ending source of joy and inspiration and will help you to flow with life so that everything unfolds with ease. No more trying so hard! 

First read and internalise the instructions, then take about 5 minutes to do the exercise.

Take a moment to note how you feel right now. 

To start the exercise, stand with your legs hip width apart, and stretch your arms into the sky, your spine straight, your eyes closed. 

Now imagine a stream of white light coming from the heart of the sky and flowing down into your arms and entering your heart. 

Feel how your arms become alive with the energy of joy and how your heart opens and fills with this light, bringing it peace. 

With every breath you take in, you draw that energy into yourself, becoming more and more energised and joyful. 

Everytime you breathe out, imagine a dusty, grey coloured stream of energy flowing out of your body and through your arms back into the sky. You are letting go of everything that holds you back from being all that you can be. See in your mind’s eye all of your fatigue, your physical pains, your old, repetitive thoughts flow out into the sky, where they are transformed by the sun, the moon and the stars into new, joyful energy and flow back to heal you. 

Continue for as long as you like.

Now take a moment again to notice how you feel. I bet quite a bit different than before! 

This exercise is so powerful, especially when you perform it right after you get up in the morning. What a beautiful way to welcome this new day and to show yourself that you love yourself and that you are worth your own attention! 

Take just 5 minutes a day to yourself to do this and you will see many shifts in your reality.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you, just comment on how you are doing by leaving a comment below!
Wishing you all the best and sending you my love,




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