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It's us women who heal the world, one woman at a time. It all starts with loving who we are. From there we overflow love into the world.

About Me

My name is Lilith, I’m a certified Hatha yoga teacher, certified shamanic practitioner, creator of Shamanic Yoga and proud mother of a wonderful boy named Lou!

We live in Ubud, on the wonderful island of Bali!

I am very happy with my life now, but you see, it wasn’t always like that.

My mother died when I was not even 9 years old and I had to shoulder a lot of responsibility not only for myself but for my two younger brothers as well.

After I moved away from home when I was 18 I had one dramatic love relationship and one health issue after the othe. My whole life was overwhelming to me.

After I embraced a spiritual world view, my life got brighter.

I tried out short of every spiritual self help approach there is and yoga was truly the only thing that worked wonders for me. Not the exercise focused classes I first took, but the ones that talked about life’s mysteries and how to embrace them, that taught be how to become intimate with my own breath, love my body, open my heart, live in the moment and cleanse myself.

The only thing that yoga was lacking for me was the effect of instant enlightenment. Yes, I could feel real bliss almost instantly through certain practices, but I found it hard to access my own inner knowing through yoga.

I wanted something like a phone that would connect me to my higher self immediately! 🙂

That’s what shamanism did for me. Listening to the drums I instantly arrive at a place that holds all the answers to all the problems I have. Wow!

The next step was to make this magic more accessible to others. That’s where yoga came into the picture again. Conscious movement and breath open us up to experience shamanic journeying and integrate the healing that has taken place into our system.

I combined my two passions and Shamanic Yoga was born, a series of powerful self-care practices that are accessible even to beginners and reconnect women to their inner knowing and innate beauty and power! 

From there, purpose flows and many of the women I work with discover their calling & create soulful, successful businesses that allow them to express themselves in deeply fulfilling ways.

I feel blessed to be able to serve women through my work, your empowerment is what makes my heart glow and what brings forth a never ending stream of inspiration to create new practices! <3

The best way to connect to me is inside my women’s cirlce, it’s full of light and inspiration & I love hanging out there every day! Click below to join us!

Lots of love to you,



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