Ritual for Joy and Inspiration

Ritual for Joy and Inspiration By LILITH MOON Hello beautiful!Today I want to show you how you can connect to Father Sky. This little ritual is a beautiful and easy way to connect to a never ending source of joy and inspiration and will help you to flow with life so that everything unfolds with ease. No more trying so hard! First read and internalise the instructions, then take about 5 minutes to do the…


Will Power & Motivation

WILL POWER & MOTIVATION By LILITH MOON Namaste beautiful! I want to talk about will power and motivation today. This is something so many of us struggle with, so let's explore this a bit! There's a lot of things you could say on that topic and a lot of different approaches.From the yogic perspective, a lack of will power and motivation would be seen as an inactive 3rd chakra. When Manipura or the navel chakra is not…


There’s only 1 thing you really need….

THERE IS ONLY ONE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW ... By LILITH MOON Namaste beautiful!There's only 1 thing you really need to finally feel as powerful, confident, beautiful, alive and happy as you want and deserve to. Ready for the truth?Frantic thoughts and activities and the resulting stress in life are an expression of your need to reconnect to your inner being and to live your life from your heartspace, fully embodied and present. The…

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