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It's time love. Time to fall in love with yourself. Time to own your unique gifts and shine them out into the world.


Find relief and inspiration from within

Here we meet 1:1, I play the drum for you and guide you within so you can actively participate in your healing. This is a safe space for you to come as you are, go deep within and find relief and inspiration. All you need to do is relax back and be guided.

Depending on your challenges, we will find the perfect journey and time frame for you. Here are some of the most helpful, powerful journeys:

1. The best place for most of us to start is inner child healing. In all of us a little child waits to be seen and loved. Once we do that, most challenges change to excitement and fun.

2. A journey to your higher self, the eternal part of who you are, can give you so much insight into your purpose and your path and make you see plainly where you are out of alignment. It is also the perfect place to go when you are unsure of your unique gifts and how to express them in a fulfilling way.

3. For those with physical pain or illness I recommend a shamanic shadow integration journey. Together we go the core wound that your body is bringing to your attention and start the healing process from within.

For us to find out which journey(s) you need, hold the sessions, find out what other resources you would benefit from, to give you time and space to share about your healing process and have me there to listen and guide you, we meet weekly for 3-9 times in a space of 1-3 months. Send me an email to to tell me about your situation and find out more about this offering.


Access your unique beauty & power, fall in love with yourself & find your calling

Knowing and loving yourself is the key to feeling blissed out and finding your calling! 

* Shamanic Journeying – Know yourself, love yourself, find your purpose in life

* Hatha Yoga – Move your body and feel strong & beautiful

* Breathing Exercises – Relax and renew your energy

* Meditation – Still your mind & fill your heart with joy

* Feminine mystical practices – Explore your womanhood & feel powerful

Weekly live support & bi-monthly moon rituals included!



Holistic Birth Preparation

Pregnancy might just be the greatest time to make peace with who you are, heal your past & learn how to reconnect to yourself on the deepest level. Motherhood starts now and you can already create a strong bond with your child. All of that while you prepare body, mind, heart & soul for giving birth.


transform your calling into A Soulful, successful business!

Own your unique beauty & power, get crystal clear on your calling and transform it into a heartfelt business that will serve many, feel amazing and pay the bills too!

I’m here to support you as you start on this excitinging journey of purpose and abundance.

This is custom tailored business coaching. I will help you to create your message, your offerings & show you how to become visible to your ideal clients, using a strategy that is powerful yet simple, no need to hustle!

You want to accept your first clients within the next 2 months? Schedule a chat below to see if we are the perfect fit!

client love

"Lilith is amazing. Her dedication, energy, and absolute connection to what it is that I need has changed so much of my life. Even the simple things like 'Shamanic Listening' have made my life so much more 'mine' and 'for me'!"
Jessa Hargrove
"I had done a lot of inner work before I started Shamanic Yoga Transformation, but this is a different level entirely! Now I really know I have a safe space where I can go to feel supported. Spending time with my higher-self, power animal and spirit guide gives me grounding and stability. Finishing the course I thought it wouldn't be easy to do it on my own but I've been doing it almost every day and it works! The shamanic realm is such a magical place! ❤️ I can't wait for the evening to enter it! Thank you Lilith for this experience. Your course is a well-made, deep process of transformation. 💞”
Marzena S.
“Lilith teaches tools that are gamechangers. If this knowledge was given to us from our parents or taught in school, the world would -in the best sense- be different. I feel blessed that this came into my life. I am doing the Shamanic Yoga Transformation and love it! I am craving to learn more every week and fascinated by this journey and its effects!”
Katalin Hanappi


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