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Once you know the rules, there's little you can't do. Loving yourself body, mind, heart and soul and creating your heart's desires - you finally hold the power in your own hands.




Shamanic Yoga is a fusion of yoga, shamanism and feminine mystical practices.

As we engage in beautiful practices for body, mind, heart & soul, we learn to truly love ourselves and own our unique beauty & power.

From there, we naturally find our calling, the sacred work that is longing to be expressed through us in a deeply satisfying way that serves many while earning us a generous living.

We are all ancient souls who incarnate to fulfill a purpose, one important part of a great, bright picture.

Many of us struggle because we are out of alignment with the bigger picture and our part in it.

To feel great about who we are and what we do we must fulfill the 4 desires of our soul.

Dharma is the desire to be who you truly are and express yourself in the world. Your conditioned upbringing has led you to identify with your personality, your thoughts, beliefs and habits, which keeps you from unconditionally loving yourself. 

Artha is the desire to have what you need to fulfill your dharma, like safety, a home, money, good health and relationships.

Then there is kama, which is the desire for pleasure, that is sensual and sexual pleasure, fun & play, the pure enjoyment of life with all of our senses.

And the forth desire is moksha, which is freedom and deep connection to all that is, the knowledge that we are all one and the experience of peace that comes with it.

All of these desires can be fulfilled through Shamanic Yoga in a beautiful way.

Yogic body postures make us feel strong and relaxed and beautiful, breathing practices soothe and energise us, shamanic meditations clear our minds and teach us how to live from the heart.

From there, shamanism become easily accessible. The fusion with yoga makes long apprenticeships and intense initiations unnecessary.

Shamanic practices are a way of direct revelation, which means that you get instant access to your higher self and the whole universe.

They effortlessly reconnect us to our deepest purpose, our dharma, and that in turn is also the way to fulfill our artha, the material needs we have.

Because if we are living our purpose, we express that in our work and money will flow freely to us.

On shamanic journeys we also come close to experiencing moksha, as we leave our personality behind and enter into the shamanic realm and experience ourselves as free and joyful and flowing with all of creation.

And lastly, kama, the desire for pleasure, is why I am combining yoga and shamanism with feminine mystical practices.

All the practices are beautiful and pampering, making it easy for us to enjoy ourselves.


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client love

"Lilith taught me how to really feel myself & be in harmony with my body. Working with her is a better investment than any wellness trip, because she will bring your inner beauty to shine as well!"
Julia Hartl
"Shamanic healing did for me what nothing else could. After trying so many things for 2 years, after just one session with Lilith I finally feel free & am so grateful for this simple solution to my health & happiness!"
Sabrina Jungwirth
"The techniques I learned are helping me understand what's truly in my heart, how to relax and to help me to care about myself in ways I neglected too often. I feel better about myself and the path in my heart that feels right for me to help others. Thank you Lilith, you are awesome!"
Linda Jarrett


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